SoulCanvas is dedicated to bringing together local artists and giving them an opportunity to record and share their original work. 

The project was founded in spring of 2017 by two Seattle musicians, Elena Maque  and D`Vonne Lewis, who shared a similar vision for the local art scene. Their desire was to create a platform where various musicians, dancers, artists, poets could present one of their original pieces in the context of SoulCanvas vision and style.

All recordings happen in different venues that are carefully picked to reflect a particular artist's originality. We work with all local venues that open their doors to us -  a fashion store, a restaurant, a rooftop or any other place in the city. Having gathered a team of extremely talented sound engineers, photo and videographers, SoulCanvas has developed it's own look and style.

Every few months SoulCanvas puts up social events that feature Seattle's finest performers and gather all kinds of art lovers to celebrate beauty and creativity.